• Dance
  • Fridays  15:15 to 16:15
    11/09/2020 to 18/06/2021
  • Dance Studio


  1. Yearly Ecolint Fee
    CHF 700

Ballet Initiation

  • Fridays, 15:15-16:15
  • Open to participants aged 5-6

Open to young children, this course will allow them to learn the different positions, attitudes and movements specific to ballet while having fun. They will also develop their posture, their flexibility and their coordination as well as their musical listening skills. *


  • Learn to become aware of space and posture
  • Know how to carry out the basic movements of ballet
  • Follow simple choreography
  • Know how to coordinate movement while following music


At the beginning of the year, students are evaluated individually by the teachers of each course. After discussing with students and parents, the teachers will suggest a reassessment of the course chosen according to the level and competences of each individual.

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