• Dance
  • Tuesdays  15:15 to 16:15
    Tuesdays  16:15 to 17:15
    08/09/2020 to 15/06/2021
  • Dance Studio


  1. Levels 2 or 3 / Yearly Ecolint Fee
    CHF 700
  2. Level 4 / Yearly Ecolint Fee
    CHF 920

Ballet Level 2

  • Tuesdays, 15:15-16:15
  • Open to participants aged 8-9

With the basics of classical dance acquired, greater importance will be given to barre work, which will increase flexibility, posture
and balance. Working at the centre will increase muscle strength and coordination, and more refined choreography and creative exercises will require greater technique and memorisation. In order to enable young dancers to create their own choreography, this class will encourage them to take ownership of their movements and gain in self-confidence. *


  • Confirm and deepen the technical basics
  • Acquire new classical dance techniques
  • Develop sensitivity and finesse of movement
  • Better one’s spatial awareness

Ballet Level 3

  • Tuesdays, 16:15-17:15
  • Open to participants aged 9-10

Through more advanced barre work, students continue to develop their flexibility and posture. More complex exercises will also help develop precision of movements, as well as strengthen balance, muscle strength and coordination. Students will use their creativity through creative exercises and improvisation workshops and their memorisation skills will be solicited by more technical and more complex choreography.*


  • Acquire new classical dance techniques
  • Develop sensitivity and finesse of movement
  • Create a project around dance
  • Better one’s spatial awareness
  • Develop confidence in one’s own dance skills

Ballet Level 4

  • Tuesdays, 17:15-18:45
  • Open to participants aged 10-12

This course is open to students who have practiced classical dance for at least three years and who have acquired good technique and solid foundations, and who wish to develop their dance even further. The course begins with barre work to continue developing the technique of each student. The emphasis will then be placed on technical centre work and the creation and learning of choreographies. Students will learn classical variations, develop their own creations and enrich their dance with improvisation techniques and creative games always looking for their potential and the right balance between technical work and creativity.*


  • Consolidate classical dance techniques
  • Learn variations of ballet repertoire
  • Build confidence in one’s own dance
  • Increase creativity and musical listening
  • Develop teamwork and listening skills
  • Increase awareness of space and different formations in space
  • Create choreographies

At the beginning of the year, students are evaluated individually by the teachers of each course. After discussing with students and parents, the teachers will suggest a reassessment of the course chosen according to the level and competences of each individual.

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