• Visual arts
  • 28/08/2019 to 26/06/2020


An original project intended for those who are eager to learn or passionate about plastic arts, visual arts or art history, and for those who want to discover the professions linked with the world of art, of exhibitions, and of culture.

During a whole year, a group of students (called curatorial team), accompanied by an art historian and independent curator, discover the world of exhibitions, its characteristics, its complexity, then conceive and create an exhibition from A to Z.

Students learn "in situ" all the subtleties of this profession in several phases: preparatory workshops (awareness and observations: visits to museums, galleries, art centres, workshops, meetings with artists and professionals, discussions and reflections on art and the diversity of exhibitions); definition of the theme (curatorial intention); selection of artists and works; scenography; catalogue; communication; press conference; vernissage; assembly; meditation...

The curatorial team meets once a month. Students are invited to work in a reflective, collaborative, supportive, critical and tolerant manner. They are committed and are led to anticipate and finalise a multidimensional project in all its aspects.

To date, two exhibitions have been held, and one is in preparation:

  • Exhibition Evolution(s) in 2017-2018, with: Benoît Billotte, Maxime Bondu, Laura Couto Rosado, Gael Grivet, Kristina Irobalieva, Florian Javet, Cile Jelin, Paul Paillet, Nadja Meier, Aline Morvan, Lamya Moussa. Web catalogue of the 2018 exhibition available here.
  • Exhibition Graphein in 2018-2019, with: ARDPG, Mounir Fatmi, William Kentridge, L'Atlas, Obey, Frederik Peeters, Dan Perjovschi. Web catalogue of the 2019 exhibition available here.

  • For 2019-2020, the curatorial team is working on the links between the plastic arts, visual arts, and architecture for the exhibition Architectoniques (prospective artists: Franz Ackermann, Sandra et Gaspard Bébié-Valérian, François Daireaux, Nicolas Daubanes, Agnès Fornells, Philippe Garenc, Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Alain Lapierre, Anders Mikkelsen, Jérôme Soudan, Caroline Tapernoux, Jean Michel Wilmotte, Yan Zoritchak).

Contact Information

Speakers: Isabelle Muller (coordinator of the Centre des arts), Manuel Fadat (independent curator, art historian), Gilles Grassioulet (artist, teacher), Anna Kotchoubey Huchberger

Address: Centre des arts, 62, route de Chêne CH-1208 Genève. 

Tel: +41 22 787 26 75

Philippe Garenc, Ville(s) invisible(s), variable dimensions, 2019.
Photograph: François Golfier.

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