• Other, Visual arts
  • Thursdays  15:45 to 17:15
    10/09/2020 to 10/06/2021
  • Room 105


  1. Yearly Ecolint Fee
    CHF 920
  • Thursdays, 15:45-17:15
  • Open to participants aged 14-17

The product of the encounter between photography and movement, cinema never ceases to overwhelm us, move us, and make us question the world around us! With this course, students will get to know the history of cinema, from its beginnings to modern masterpieces, through the study and analysis of cult films. After getting to know the different trades that make up the art of cinema, participants will learn the basics of directing a short film: from pre-production to post-production. The objective of this course is the creation of "professional" quality videos either for one’s own satisfaction or for a professional portfolio.


  • Acquire an introduction to journalistic vocabulary
  • Learn how to edit video capsules using Final Cut Pro 10TM / Adobe Premiere ProTM
  • Learn how to subtitle
  • Learn to export subjects in "professional" forma

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