• Visual arts
  • 26/09/2022 to 26/09/2022


Exhibition "Landscape of Origins" (26 April - 5 May 2022)
Exhibition of works by Donald Hargrove

Donald has spent his working life in the visual arts both as an artist in industry and education. He is currently exploring the digital medium as an expressive art form using the ipad Procreate and other digital applications. In 2021 Donald was selected by the Derfner Judacia Museum (New York) for an online digital exhibition entitled "F11. Digital Paintings for Full Screen". 2020 and the beginning of lockdown marked for him one of the most creative periods of his life and provided the time and space for the creative seed to nurture and blossom. Much of his work is directly linked to daily walks in the park or with direct connection to nature.

Exhibition "What is Gender?" (3-24 May 2022)
This exhibition brought together the eclectic works of international artists around this burning contemporary topic.

Textile installations, sculptures, videos, paintings and collages... discover the work of these artists who respond in their own way to this major question and nourish reflection on diversity and the issues related to it. The objective was to offer multiple sources of expression, thus providing our visual arts students with stimuli and references. The fruit of these reflections were shared during a closing event on 22 May 2022, where artists and students reached out to the public and exchanged views on the subject.

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