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    • Thursday 1 December 2022, 19:30
  • Theatre


  1. Full fare
    CHF 20
  2. Ecolint / UN / Cagi
    CHF 15
  3. Reduced fare
    CHF 10
  4. Telethon Support fare
    CHF 50

Concert in support of the Swiss Telethon - SOLD OUT

Noa R. is 18 years old. At the age of 4, she underwent a serious brain operation to remove tumours that were causing epileptic seizures and woke up from a coma to a song by Enrico Macias, who has since become her mentor.

During this difficult period, as she often says, music was her only friend and accompanied her in moments of joy as well as in moments of gloom. Today, she is a singer and enjoys her passion.

From singing in a duet with Enrico Macias, "Enfants des étoiles", to performing her own songs, there was only one step which she took with her first single and video "Chagrin d'amitié". Today she continues her journey with "Ne t'en vas pas", a song written by Marc Lavoine and composed by Christophe Casanave.

She is now preparing a new album with exciting and surprising collaborations, including Marc Lavoine, Christophe Casanave, Claude Lemesle, DJ Bellek, Marc Esteve, Régis Sévignac, Lude and Philippe Russo, and of course, Enrico Macias, who is always watching over her. Noa is currently recording a new single with Jonathan Mamann and Benny Adam, which will be released by the end of the year.

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