• Music
    • Thursday, 5 November 2020, 19:30
  • Auditorium


  1. Full Fare
    CHF 45
  2. UN Fare
    CHF 35
  3. Ecolint Fare (Parents/Staff)
    CHF 25
  4. Reduced Fare (Students/AVS/AI/-20 years)
    CHF 15

Autumn is the season of the hunt. And what is the favourite instrument of hunters? The horn, naturally. 

This concert by the Orchestre de Lancy-Gèneve allows us to lose ourselves in the forest, in the autumnal mist and its unique atmosphere...

Haydn, the father of the Symphony (he has written over 100) blesses us with a masterpiece that he has dubbed The Hunt.

Within the orchestra, we can already hear the horn...

Then, with Mozart, we will hear a concerto played out by this instrument of the brass family. 

It’s the occasion to discover the horn, both an orchestral and solo instrument, and tool of the hunt, through its multiple uses. 

The Orchestre Lancy-Genève is the ideal partner for this concert: an ensemble formed 45 years ago by Roberto Sawicki which masters its repertoire to perfection. Christophe Sturznegger will be the soloist of the night: an accomplished and well-known musician among the public of Geneva. 

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