• Multiple disciplines
    • Monday 7 November 2022, 19:30
    • Tuesday 8 November 2022, 19:30
  • Auditorium


  1. Full Fare
    CHF 35
  2. ONU Fare
    CHF 30
  3. Ecolint Fare
    CHF 25
  4. Reduced Fare (AVS/AI)
    CHF 20

Date reseved for Ecolint students : 7 November 2022 at 10:55

Director / Artistic Director, Songwriter: PATjE 
Co-Director: Lorianne Cherpillod 
Performers: Azania Noah (La Muse), Lorianne Cherpillod (La Barmaid), PATjE (Le Barman)
Musicians: loannis Markoulakis (Guitar), Ivan de Luca (Bass), Jean Ferrarini (Keyboard), Thierry Hochstätter (Percussion)
Acrobat: Lilas Morin (Cyr wheel) 
Dance: Alexander Dejanovski, Kyoko Masuda, Paola de Vries Marin (silhouettes)
Stage Manager: Jérôme Burdet (lights), Maico Pagnano (sound)
Choreographer: Mena Avolio (movements)
Artistic collaboration: Isabelle Caillat, Michel Boillet 


The theme of this musical show is "Dream" (le rêve). The dream of a harmonious life, more connected with our deepest aspirations, towards brighter tomorrows.

"Le Voyage d'un Rêve", through its different themes, is intended to be a profound, light, joyful and dancing ode.
"Le Voyage d'un Rêve" is a show telling a story full of endearing and inspiring characters, accompanied by enchanting melodies. It is also a palette of strong emotions where hope, love and happiness mingle cheerfully, with a charming mix of magical effects, enhanced by a spirited and original staging.

The Pasaporte association
Founded in 2010, the Pasaporte association organises musical theater shows, concerts, various events and outdoor performances for small or large stages.
It reinvents different current musical expressions, through live performance, and acoustic or electronic music.

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