• STEM
    • Wednesday 26 April 2023, 18:00
  • Foyer & Auditorium


  1. Free entrance

18:00 - 19:00 Foyer

Exhibition of a variety of students' projects created in the STEM Centre during the school year. From Primary School through to Secondary School, you will be able to explore the wonderful creations of our students, from 3D prints to laser-cuttings, sculptures, sewing and woodwork! 

19:00 - 20:00 Auditorium

Our live STEM Show will briefly travel through Earth's history, from the Age of Dinosaurs to the Technological Age, ending with a focus on modern human's impact.    

It will feature films, dances, Virtual Reality, numerous robots, cosplays and a fashion show. Alongside our Global Citizenship initiative, we will reflect on our use of technology, good and bad, recycling, repair and human ingenuity in our "One World"! 

After the show, you will be able to "meet" the robots and see the costumes close-up! 

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